People & Process Development challenge, inspire and facilitates leaders, companies and organisations to develop and reach their goals. The combination of the hard and the soft sides of management is something we strongly believe in and our competence and service areas include Change Management, Talent Management, Leadership Training & Development and Strategy & Process Development.

We strive to challenge our customers by asking questions that leads to reflection and new thinking. By giving perspective and point towards possibilities we want to inspire.  Our approach is facilitative where the term facilitates mean “making things possible” or simply “enable”. It’s an approach with the purpose to lead the organisation through processes towards mutually agreed goals in a manner that encourages participation, motivation and ownership.

 What’s your challenge?

Your leaders lack critical leadership skills!

With a unique material from Development Dimensions International – tailored to fit your specific needs – we develop the leadership skills required to meet your future leadership challenges . The material has been successfully implemented by Volvo Group University since 2013. For more information contact Magnus Jonsson.

To take management work to the next level!

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To make cross-functional collaboration an processes really work!

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To ensure a successful start and become productive faster in your new role!

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How important is emotional intelligence for your effectiveness as a leader?

What does research say about EQ and IQ and your effectiveness as a leader? Be inspired by this interview with Daniel Goleman, author of the best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence” . See & Listen!.

The key to corporate success is qualitative relationships

To attract the best talent companies must create an environment that enables qualitative relationships. Read more in this Fortune article.

Clear Leadership!

Listen what Gervase R. Bushe has to say about leadership, communication and conflict management.

Reading tip for the management team

We recommend the book Ledningsgruppen. A “must” read for everyone sitting in or leading a management team (unfortunately only available in Swedish).

Viral Change

Curious on Viral Change? Hear and see what Leandro Herrero – author to the book Viral Change – has to say about large scale change.