About us: 

Some of the biggest challenges for today’s leaders include how to get people to work more effectively together, while delivering desirable and lasting results. People and Process Development challenges, inspires and facilitates leaders, companies and organizations to develop and reach their objectives.

We have a facilitative approach where “facilitation” can be translated as “to make possible.” It is an approach that aims to lead the organization through processes towards commonly agreed objectives in a way that encourages participation, motivation and ownership. To consistently use a facilitative approach adds value to the client organization through increased efficiency and results orientation.

We are used to run assignments in project form and we have an essential understanding for the importance bringing in the the “big picture” and to coordinate different interests to achieve lasting results and solid change. To create participation and involvement is important to us and we believe that our clients hold many of the answers. We do not complicate things and strive to find simple and sustainable solutions. As project managers, we have the experience to drive, coordinate and follow up on large projects with many participants.

We have been operating since 2010. The company is independent, partner owned and has stable finances with strong profitability and customer satisfaction. We build long-term relationships with our customers and deliver customized solutions and services. Time and resources are invested continuously in the development of our consultants competence.

People and Process Development is a member of SAMC (Swedish management consultant Association) and follow its code of ethics. From time to time we cooperate with other consultants and suppliers such as Ekan Management and Development Dimensions International to provide the best customer solutions and experiences.


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